Annual Tri State Motorcycle Hare Scramble
New location for 2018 !!
 Holiday Mountain, New York

This page will chronicle our track build process and the many amenities at this facility

Sunday Hare Scramble:   it appears our final track mileage will come out between 6 and 7 miles.  
It will include the entire Motocross track (3/4 mile) as well as the entire Intermediate Motocross track (1/2 mile.  
The rest will include ski slopes and single track we have cut through the treed sections of this
large multi lift (there r 3 major ski  lifts on this property).  

UPDATE NEWS FLASH on 10/30/2018:   GoPro "preview" of the 6+ mile course

Bonus Riding:  note that this weekend involves Saturday bonus riding for $30 fee.  
This riding will take place on the 3/4 mile sand motocross track.  
I am not gonna to go on about how good this track is.  I want you to watch some laps for yourself.  
The lap times for this top expert are 1:22.  I found that senior expert/amateurs running about 1:53.    
Anyway, have a look for yourself and guess what your lap times would be:   double thanks to rider Saldo232's awesome utube vid !!

Intermediate MX track, ski  lodge, and holeshot hill in distance

Intermediate track straightaway and jump

Hare Scramble holeshot